Water Resources & Management

Sustainability of current water resource is a major concern. Our interest is to find a balance between demand and supply of water resources. Similarly to eliminate structural social inequity in access to indispensable water and public health services is also significant. Successful management of any resources requires accurate knowledge of the resource available, uses to which it may be put, competing demands for the resource, measures and processes to evaluate mechanisms to translate policy decisions into actions on the ground. Science Foundation is working towards overall water management, water quality management and water conservation through implementation of rainwater harvesting & recharging practices. Moreover, seminars and workshop with public participation are also organised to generate awareness and to encourage participation in improving the overall scenario.


In-House Projects

  • Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting and Well Water RechargingClick here 

Projects Supported By Science Foundation

  • Water Resources Planning for the State of Gujarat –TAHAL ProjectClick here 
  • Recharge Bore Well ResearchClick here 
  • GSFC Science Foundation Chair in Sustainable DevelopmentClick here 
  • Demonstration & Monitoring Programme of Percolation Wells for Wastewater Renovation & ReuseClick here 
  • Rain Water Harvesting and Well RechargingClick here 
  • Analysis of Arsenic in Groundwater Samples and Controlling Arsenic by Biobased TechnologiesClick here 
  • Nano Technology to Clean Water in Developing Nations: Poor Man’s FilterClick here 

Supported By Funding Agencies

  • Groundwater Contamination by the Use of Chemical Fertilizer & Pesticides – A Sample Study in Vadodara DistrictClick here