Enviornmental Science & Technology

The theme of this research area is to identify approaches to strengthen and diversify alternative solutions towards sustainable development. Understanding green technology and its application in integration with environmental science are essential to model and conserve natural environment and resources to curb the negative impacts on ecosystem and population.

Moreover, Science Foundation promotes renewable energy based research aspects for the sustainable management of resources that are capable of developing devices and artifacts to monitor, measure, model and control environmental impact, including monitoring and managing energy generation from renewable sources, and developing novel energy generation technologies.

Development of bioremediation technology to address many local and global issues towards cleaner technology and sustainable development is part and parcel of on-going research. Air purification by promoting compulsory greenery up gradation in extending cities, vertical farming, municipal waste management, energy conservation, climate change studies etc.. are also focussed.

In-House Projects

  • Studies on Selected Organic Reactions using Free and Immobilized Enzyme SystemClick here 
  • Investigation on Extraction of Some Value Added Products from Natural Resources Click here 

Projects Supported By Science Foundation

Supported By Funding Agencies

  • Biotechnological Intervention for Rehabilitation in the Earthquake Affected AreaClick here