Biosciences & Biotechnology

An integrated Biotechnology approach is essential to work on complex problems in biosciences. Our research interest is to employ the principles of engineering and natural sciences to tissues, cells and molecules to improve their functions in plants and microorganisms. We also encourage exploration, extraction and production of value added products from micro organisms  by means of biochemical engineering. Foundation supports cost-effective initial investment on R & D, where there is a potential for durable patents rights. Biodiversity and microbiome studies, metabolomics are also included in the scope of our research interest.


Projects Supported By Science Foundation

  • Tuberonic Acid as a Phyto-Stimulant in an Aeroponic System for an Improved Seed Potato CultivationClick here 
  • Dietary Management of Hypertension with Emphasis on the Role of Dietary Calcium, Potassium & MagnesiumClick here 
  • Marine Algae as Potential Sources of Vitamin B12Click here 
  • Chitinolysis: Production of Fungicide for BiocontrolClick here 
  • New Molecular Biological Techniques for the Mapping of Genes for Resistance Rice BlastClick here 
  • Diet & Drug Interactions Click here 
  • Genetic Enhancement of Rice Productivity through Development of HybridClick here 
  • Improvement of Banana (Musa cvs.) through Biotechnological Approaches and Mutation BreedingClick here 
  • Development of Trichoderma Harzianum Based BiofungicideClick here 
  • Studies on Development of Transplastomic (through Genetic Engineering) Plants for the Induction of Salt ToleranceClick here